The Privileged

She could hear them close behind… Still, she ran. She didn’t know how far they’d chase her or how long she could keep going. If anybody would’ve told her this was what she’d spend Saturday night doing, well she may have slapped Davis right in the face instead of shaking his hand last Wednesday.

Christie was not average by any means. She grew up in the wealthy parts of Scottsdale AZ, which meant she had privilege without the hectic city life. Head cheerleader, perfect grades, popular, and bored to tears! She knew she looked older than her 16 years, and would frequently use her fake ID to get into the clubs downtown.

If she went on Wednesdays, it would be a weekday, ensuring her parents would be asleep by the time she’d get home from practice anyway. She didn’t have early classes on Thursday, and could sleep a little later. So every Wednesday night, she was living it up in her secret life. She didn’t drink, it would only cause her to gain weight and potentially give herself away with a hangover. Instead she danced and reveled in the older men who would hit on her. The night she met Davis, he wouldn’t take his eyes off of her! He stood at a cool 6′ with an athletic frame. He wore an all black suit, his black hair slicked back from his face. He looked like he could be 20 or 40, or anywhere in between. She could feel his eyes on her as she danced. She kept stealing glances to catch him always standing in the same spot, watching her with a smile that suggested he was hunting prey, and she was the prey.

When the song ended, she decided to approach this stranger, safer here then to see him in the parking lot. As she got closer, she felt like she recognized the man. He grinned as she walked closer.

“Hey Christie” he said. She looked at him in confused shock, how did he know her name? “Oh, I wouldn’t expect you to recognize me. We go to the same school.” When he saw her face turn red and her eyes grow big as saucers, he leaned in and whispered in her ear. “I won’t tell if you don’t… ”

“Deal… ” She offered her hand in a shake and left the sentence open for him to supply a name. 

“Davis, I’m Davis.” He said, shaking her hand. “So, do you want to dance?” Christie grinned and willingly went to the dance floor. She was excited, because he was her age, she could flirt a little more freely, maybe even fool around a bit. How did she never notice him? He certainly was attractive, and knew her name, did they have classes together? She figured there would be time for those questions later. When they got to the dance floor, he gathered her in a kiss, and she didn’t resist. Finally, some real fun!

They danced the night away, and he convinced her to have a couple of drinks. She’d never been drunk before and enjoyed the freedom she felt in her mind. Davis walked her to her car, where they had a final kiss goodnight. 

“Are you sure you can drive home OK?” Christie smiled and nodded. She was feeling it, but not stumbling or disoriented. She got into her car and drove away, watching Davis shrink in her rearview mirror. What a night, and what a guy!

Fortunately, Christie didn’t have any hangovers or negative effects from her drinking. She had only two mixed drinks and lots of water, so she woke up without issue Thursday morning. She took a little more time with her hair and makeup, and practiced the smile she’d give Davis when she saw him. She knew that she could have any guy in the school. With her cheer and dance workouts, she had a muscular but lean frame. Her strawberry blonde hair was kept long and she could afford the best clothes and makeup, so looks were never an issue for her.

Arriving at school, she parked in the student lot and found her friends in their normal hangout near the quad. It was like a group of air headed nitwits dolled up to be trophy wives someday. They were the daughters of her Father’s business associates though, which meant they were her friends. She couldn’t stand any of them.

“Hello ladies!” Christie said with a huge smile. All of the other girls began a barrage of hellos and compliments. She secretly scanned the crowds for the tall and handsome Davis, but didn’t see him. Maybe he’d be in one of her classes. She sat and participated in the gossip, half listening, half daydreaming about her incredible experience last night. She hardly recognized him when she at last noticed him. He was walking this way, Dear God! She couldn’t let her friends see her talking to HIM! She quickly excused herself to the bathroom. 

“Alone? Honey, are you feeling alright?” one of her friends asked. Christie nodded and grabbed her things before rushing off. They all exchanged concerned looks for a second or two before resuming their gossip.

Davis stopped when he saw Christie rush off. He knew this would happen, he should’ve just ignored her last night. He couldn’t believe his luck, though! The most popular girl in school had danced with him, kissed him, and let him feel her up! He should’ve known that none of it was real, and once the suit came off, and the ripped jeans and flannels came on, she’d act like they never met. He watched her look back to ensure nobody saw her, and then she beckoned for him to come over. He felt his anger building. Oh, he was another pawn huh? She can’t be seen with him, but he should just come running because she says so? He flipped her the bird and turned around.

Christie couldn’t believe it! What was his problem?! Did he think he could just walk up to the popular girls’ table and talk to her? There would be no questions? He obviously didn’t have as much at stake as she did. She still felt hurt, she really liked him, and thought that he had really liked her too. Oh well, she went into the bathroom to regain her composure before class. Now that she knew who Davis was, she knew that they did have classes together. Two, in fact, History and Algebra. Not until after lunch though, so maybe he’d ditch like most of the low life slackers he hung out with.

As the day wore on, she was more and more disgusted that she fell for somebody like him. At lunch, some football players started harassing the group that Davis was with. They threw their ball into the table, splattering food all over the kids sitting there. When the guy who threw the ball came over and put his arm around Christie, she made sure that Davis saw her lean into him. She made sure he heard her laughter. She didn’t miss the fury in his eyes.

Davis would normally just ignore the antics of these jerks, but after last night, he wanted revenge on them. All of them. These rich snobby kids who think that their money and beauty made them better. He would show them. He would make them pay. Not with the currency they were used to though. No, they would be paying with something a little more eternal… 
This is the first part of a short story I’m publishing here. I need feedback, so as long as it’s done respectfully, criticism is welcome!


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