This is how my day is going… 

The house is a mess and I’m alone with a three year old, as usual! I try to declutter a little by cleaning my makeup, and Ender does this:

That, my friends, is $35 setting powder (Bella Pierre Banana Powder, awesome stuff!). Something I got from Ipsy, a $10 a month makeup subscription. Not something I can afford to replace. I cleaned it up and told Ender to clean up his cars that were all over the floor. Put away my makeup and sat down to calm myself before starting another task.

Then I heard a harmonica. The only harmonica we have is on the top of our bookshelf. Ender did this:

He pulled the games down and made such a big mess!!! It was only a few moments! I’m so done with today and will only be containing the mess from here on out. Immediately after another adult shows up, I’m getting drunk. Very very very very drunk!
On the bright side, when I called my husband crying my eyes out, he told me to order the setting powder. I found it on Groupon for $8.99, because I still can’t afford a $35 single item of makeup! If you want to sign up for ipsy, the link is below!


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