Poetry of an Insomniac (untitled)

Lonely days and lonely nights, happiness always so far out of my sights. 

I seek you out in my dreams and curse you while I’m awake, the child in me misses you but what you did is more than I can take.

The bad part wishes you’re lonely too. Fucking monster, you deserve what’s been done to you!

The heart and soul is that I’m sorry. Sorry for your suffering and sorry for mine. Some wounds really are never healed by the test of time.

Maybe someday you’ll know, I don’t hate you but I do wish for you to be six feet below.

It’s easier to handle the loss of a loved one expired, than to know you’re out there while I die inside.

So eat it up, sir, this life that you live. Cold and alone, just like your kid. 

This one’s for you, Dad… You piece of shit.
Poetry is something I’ve never been able to do well without anger and hate. I love the power that words can convey!

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