Those good days

Sometimes when I sit down to work on my writing, it’s so easy and the words practically write themselves. It’s almost like the story tells itself to me and I’m just notating. Other days it’s just impossible to come up with any good sentences or readable paragraphs. It just seems jumbled and you feel dismayed and discouraged like you’re just not cut out for this and you’ll never finish. 

Today was NOT one of those days! Today I sat down and wrote the words like nothing. They flowed from my fingers like water. I’m considering posting an excerpt on here. I’m writing two books, one is completely anonymous and I won’t post anything that can trace it to me, but the other one, that isn’t my life story, will be under my name.

I’m really excited about it, it’s been going a little over a year now, but it’s coming along nicely! I woke up one day with the base story in my mind. I got so excited about it that I immediately started writing. I can’t wait to finish it!

If you want an excerpt, leave me a comment for encouragement!

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