Who am I?

My name is Shirley, but I commonly go by Skoowirl (sound it out, think cute and fluffy). These are two very distinct aspects of the same person. I will introduce you to them separately:

Shirley is an excellent mother! She has always wanted to be a teacher and excelled in school. She’s very professional when need be, and just fun enough to not be boring. She is who you most likely will encounter at work or school. She is the disciplinarian of the two. 

Skoowirl is a lot of fun! Skoowirl likes to sing and dance, and wants to write. She’s the one who went from Goth to an avid lover of colors. Skoowirl protects Shirley quite often. She’s the free spirited party girl that makes it easier to be sweet little Shirley.

There’s also just me, sides of my personality that you get no matter what. I love books and geek culture. Video games are my favorite escape of all. I love a good story that I can be fully immersed and interactive with. I particularly enjoy the Elder Scrolls games, where I literally choose every course of action. I’ve been hurt, and not your average “I’ve been cheated on and dumped, so I know real pain” kind of hurt. Like, raw heart shredding agony, kind of hurt. It has had a big effect on me… So there you have it in a nutshell. I’m a little crazy and completely grounded. I hope you enjoy reading my inner monologue!

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